How to get the Foam Wrapped Bike in Riders Republic

How to create a group in Riders Republic

Riders Republic wants to push you to the limit. You’re going to be taking on various extremes sports across three disciplines: bike, snow and air. And these aren’t meant to be easy to master. You’re supposed to fail. Falling and having to get back up is vital to learning how to do well. That’s where these guides come in, offering you tips to help you learn the game.

But with all the stuff you have to learn, getting used to all the different vehicles and gear can be hard. Ubisoft has made it easy by including a few options to help new players. There’s a few things that have caused some confusion, Some of them relate to how to get new ways to move around.

How to get the Foam Wrapped Bike in Riders Republic

The various bikes, jetpacks and other nonsense you can find in this game allow you to get up to some really crazy shenanigans.

And unlike the Relics you can find dotted around the world, it’s actually something you might want to find. The foam-wrapped bike is kind of a joke, but it does let you get around in maximum safety.

The Foam Wrapped Bike was added to Riders Republic as part of the Shackdaddy Challenges reward for one week. You can only get this bike through those challenges. To unlock this bike, you need to buy and complete six Shackdaddy Challenges. Completing them will get you the Epic ride. The Epic Red Rabbit Backpack is also part of the challenge, if you perform five unique stunts during the event.

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Each of the challenges found in the bundle varies a bit. You will need to complete all of them to get the rewards. They range in difficulty from completing five events in a chain, to completing 30 events overall. It’s not too hard to do, but it will take some work. Here are the current roster of Shackdaddy Challenges:

  • ATV: Accumulate 500,000 points with bike/snow in free roam
  • Fast Pass: Complete 30 events/multiplayer events
  • Ride the High Country: Complete five events in Mammoth
  • Sam-I-Am: Complete five events in Yosemite
  • The Forest for the Trees: Complete five events that start in Sequoia
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Complete ten events in the Time Limited Playlist
  • Too Close for Comfort: Accumulate 500,000 points with wingsuit in free roam
  • Travel Itinerary: Complete five unique stunts
  • Walking Holiday: Complete three unique creations
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