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Tsareena to Join Pokémon Unite Roster on December 9

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Pokémon Unite was released on July 21, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch, and on September 22, 2021, for both Android and iOS. During that time a lot of fans got their hands on the MOBA. And though it was tons of fun, it could definitely use more content. “The roster is too shallow” was a big complaint that was seen. Players felt that more Pokémon are needed to truly offer a compelling meta-game.

Pokémon Unite will finally expand the roster this month. The first new roster addition lands on December 9, with Tsareena. Offering a melee-focused fighting style, this new teammate is a great way to clear out foes that could tank weaker opponents. She is fast and hits hard. Check out the character spotlight for the new roster addition below.

But that’s not all we’re getting. Players are amped up about what the next roster addon will be. Right now, we don’t have any idea. No rumors have begun to spread yet that could be confirmed.

The grass-type Tsareena is a Gen VII Pokemon, first introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. in the normal games in the franchise, Tsareena evolves from Steenee when leveled up while knowing Stomp. It is the final form of Bounsweet. The form seen in those games is a lot more cuddly and cute.

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The form of Tsareena in Pokémon Unite is much less cutesy. Using its powerful kicks and spins, Tsareena can bombard opponents with lethal precision and overwhelming strikes. Expect a lot of heavy blows and extreme power when using her in battle.

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