Is there a Cow Level in Diablo Immortal?

Is there a Cow Level in Diablo Immortal?

The first Diablo was initially released in 1997, and the series has come a long way. From the incredibly simple isometric view and basic combat, to fast-paced demon-killing chaos. The series is a different beast these days, but some of its roots remain beloved by fans. There are a lot of zones to explore in Blizzard’s new RPG. The fast travel in Diablo Immortal can help with that. The maps take place across 8 different regions, each with their own unique locales and denizens. Players looking to farm for powerful gear will leave no stone unturned when looking for stuff to slay. And that’s where this guide comes in, wherein we discuss the sacred Cow Level that’s been a common fixture in the franchise.

There are a few other things to learn about this hit new RPG, so listen up. The Paragon leveling system is a bit different this time around, but mostly familiar. There’s also a more restrictive leveling system at play here, so keep that in mind. And if you find yourself not being challenged, trying a new difficulty in Diablo immortal might help. There’s also a battle pass to take on, if you want more consistent tasks to complete over your time with the game.

Beyond the iconic Cow Level from Diablo 2, Blizzard has worked in various other hidden gems into D3 as well. That version of the game included a bunch of different hidden treasure levels, filled with mountains of loot. There were also treasure goblins you could hunt down in D3. You could farm treasure goblins for loot, and you can bet gamers want to know if the same type of thing can be done in this new mobile title.

Is there a Cow Level in Diablo Immortal?

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this as of yet. The Cow Levels in past games have always been hidden and difficult to find. You often had to uncover hidden recipes or get very lucky to find them.

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The recipe system and crafting system are vastly different this time around, relying on microtransactions and such to reforge items in Immortal. That means the iconic cube recipes aren’t accessible, so if there is a way into the domain of Hell Bovines, it hasn’t been found yet. The game does feature a Rift system like D3, so maybe it’s just an RNG thing and no one has gotten lucky yet. We don’t know for sure right now, but if the information does come out, we will update

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