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Dreams launch trailer is a positively sleepy experience

Dreams PS4

Media Molecule and Sony Interactive Entertainment, developer and publisher respectively for PS4’s Dreams, have just dropped a new trailer for their game, hyping it up for the launch on Sony’s console. The suite of tools in this game engine-turned video game are pretty extensive, and there’s a lot of depth to each toolset.

The core concept of this new game is built around various customizable game modes. Deams on PS4 has Dream Shaping, Dream Surfing, Home Space Editor, and Community Jam as game options. Each one offers different tools that allow gamers to get creative. Thinks of Dreams like a massive expansion on the core idea of Little Big Planet.

Gamers are given a set of tools and constraints and can make anything they want within those confines. Players are making everything from simple platformers to complex prototypes with full 3D modeling and the like. The sheer volume of assets in the game also allows a fair bit of flexibility too. This is basically the best game creation system on consoles to date.

If you want to just craft a chill space to goof around with your friends, you can do that. If you want to prototype your newest game idea, that can be done too.

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Check out the trailer for the game down below.

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