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Warframe Guide: Sevagoth Explained

How to get Sporulate Sac in Warframe

The newest updates to Warframe love to add new mechanics and weapons to the mix, and of course, more Warframes. Plenty of Warframe players have some issues figuring out these complex mechanics. The common questions of “How do I unlock this Warframe?” and “Where do I find this item?” are very common questions in the community.

Sevagoth, previously known as Wraith, will be making his way to Warframe in the upcoming Update 30. Alongside that, there’s some new storyline content and other updates as well, but more players want to know what this new weapon of war is all about. When you’re ready to begin, first you need to get your hands on the iconic new frame. Gather these parts and take them to the bench to build it.

How to get Sevagoth in Warframe

Both the weapon and Warframe component blueprints can be found in Earth Proxima, Venus Proxima, and Saturn Proxima Void Storms. Barrel and receiver components are tradable. However, the main blueprint is not. You should focus on farming these missions to get the component blueprints you need. With a roughly 10% drop chance, you will need to farm about 20 or so Storms to have a very good chance of getting what you want.

Sevagoth Chassis

  • 8 Morphics
  • 650 Cryotic
  • 2 Nullstones
  • 3300 Alloy Plate

Sevagoth Neuroptics

  • 6 Neural Sensors
  • 1200 Titanium
  • 750 Rubedo
  • 2750 Salvage

Sevagoth Systems

  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 250 Oxium
  • 15 Asterite
  • 2950 Nano Spores

Sevagoth skills and abilities

While you’re waiting on it to finish building, you can use the rest of this guide to figure out what Sevagoth skills and abilities are included. Here’s a full rundown of each ability that Sevagoth has, and what kind of uses you can get out of it.

Digital Extremes describes the new frame as “THE STORM-SWEPT, VOID-WANDERING WARFRAME HAS RETURNED TO HARVEST LIVING SOULS. SEND FORTH HIS SHADOW TO REAP THE LIFE OF THE UNWARY.” This powerful new reaper of souls will sweep across the battlefield, harvesting the souls of the unworthy. It’s going to be pure chaos, and I love it.

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The most interesting aspect of the new abilities is the ability to clone himself, with Exalted Shadow. Exalted Shadow and Reap work together to power and unleash this powerful dual attack form. Sevagoth can fly across the battlefield, both stunning enemies and using them to power other attacks. Sevagoth fires his Shadowform at enemies with Reap, and then combines that with Sow and

Support Abilities

A suite of other abilities and skills can be used to both CC enemies and power various other attacks.

  • Gloom can be used as a great support option to both damage foes and heal your team.
  • Embrace offers the player the ability crown control masses of enemies into one spot, great for combining with Gloom.
  • Consume is the primary sustain ability for your shadow. You need to use it to damage foes, transferring their health to your shadow.
  • Death’s Harvest allows you to inflict a unique status to foes, slowing them down and making it easier to corral them. Keep them contained and apply damage with your team to wipe them out.
  • Reunite is one of the  the Sevagoth skills and abilities you would use to fuse back with your shadow. This will allow you to keep the buffs and apply them to yourself.
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