Can you change resolution in Diablo Immortal?

Can you play Diablo Immortal on PC?

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is here, bringing the killing of demons to mobile for the first time. The game has a ton of acts to chew through, and a brand new story to tell. As you fight off the denizens of Hell, you will encounter friends both new and old, and get to build the ultimate hero of your dreams. There’s a lot of build diversity here, and plenty of fun to be had. The base version of the game has plenty of meat on its bones, but there’s more to chew on once you get into higher difficulty ratings.

The more powerful enemies are just the start, you also get a mountain of bonus loot and XP. You also get even more rewards on top if you’re not playing Diablo Immortal solo, and grouping up instead. But that’s just one element of the game to learn, there’s so much more.

And since the game has debuted on PC, some things have been noticed as lacking. As a PC game, the overall graphical settings seem a bit lacking. The graphics seem to be pretty basic, and the game is basically a direct port of the mobile game. That means things like resolution are a bit weird. If you’re wondering if you can change the resolution in the game, we’ll tell you how in this guide.

Can you change resolution in Diablo Immortal?

Since this is a mobile-focused game, there are some concessions made to get the game working on phones and similar devices. Modern smart phones are pretty powerful computing devices, but they pale in comparison to a full-send gaming PC or console.

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Can you change the resolution of Diablo Immortal on PC? Unfortunately, the answer for right now is that no you can’t. The game defaults to 1080p and stays there. Blizzard has not implemented any kind of resolution scaling on the PC version. Maybe there’s a plan to bring this feature into the PC version, but that hasn’t been announced. So if you’re on a 4K display, the actual gameplay might look a bit distorted.

It should be noted that the game is currently in beta, so there is still hope that Blizzard adds the ability to change your resolution at some point.

There are a few other things to learn about this hit new RPG, so listen up. The Paragon leveling system is a bit different this time around, but mostly familiar. There’s also a more restrictive leveling system at play here, so keep that in mind. And if you find yourself not being challenged, trying a new difficulty in Diablo immortal might help. There’s also a battle pass to take on, if you want more consistent tasks to complete over your time with the game.

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