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Overwatch Developer Update for October 2018 – Spectator Mode Incoming

Overwatch Developer Update for October 2018

The latest Overwatch Developer Update is out and about with Jeff Kaplan jumping in front of the camera to discuss what players can expect to see at Blizzcon 2018.

One interesting thing is that during the Overwatch World Cup, which will run as part of Blizzcon 2018, the company is allowing users to view live feeds of players actions in a new way. This is essentially a test of the Spectator Mode fans have been asking to be included in Overwatch for years.

The biggest draw aside from the other news about Blizzcon focuses on the upcoming Spectator options for the game. Sadly for console fans waiting on the feature, Blizzard is pretty focused on getting a lot of other projects in order for the upcoming convention in order in time. So that means the next phase of testing is on hold for now.

Although there is a bit of good news, the “Overwatch World Cup Viewer” will be available on the PC version of Overwatch a few days ahead of the full Blizzcon event to test the feature out. The new viewer will allow players free-form camera control that mimics that of the live commentators. It’s the ultimate way of watching these games live. You’ll also get access to full replays of the semi-finals and finals from Blizzcon.

In other news, there is some new content coming for Blizzcon 2018, but the team can’t reveal anything about that yet. Sadly, there is no new map reveal coming at this year’s event. Kaplan also teased the 1.30 update, which includes buffs for Roadhog, Reaper, Mercy and Symmetra.

You can check out said Developer Update video down below. Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game also recently got a new set of leaks concerning six new LEGO sets featuring characters from the game. The Halloween Terror Event is also running now.

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