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BRAVE Moving from Aunsou to fight in Calmil FW

After Brave Collectives string of bad luck in Catch and Fountain has left it seemingly a shell of it’s HERO days self, Alliance leader Nancy Crow has announced new plans to remove BRAVE from it’s current status of babysitting POCOs in Aunsou. The announcement by Nancy has seen mixed reaction both internally and externally. After the revival of the CNM by Nancy, it was hoped that the alliance would begin to course correct to reclaim it’s former glory. And despite all the mudslinging, it seems like a genuine attempt to revitalize interest in the flailing alliance. CalMil has been doing well battling against steady gains from Gallente forces. GalMil was recently pushed into T1 status from being on the verge of gaining T3 and pushing the war in their favor. There is definite hope that the infusion of new blood from BRAVE will help further tip the scales. BRAVE also hopes to enrich it’s members in terms of both ISK and PvP experience. I also expect the various groups that farm kills in FW space will be glad to see the glut of new targets.

As expected, the Reddit discussion thread is busy posting a majority of criticism with a not-so-vocal minority of positive support. A lot of comparisons are being drawn between BRAVE and their former HERO coalition ally Test Alliance Please Ignore; Who themselves have had a tumultuous history that included a stint in FW, followed by new resurgence with their departure from HERO.

All of this is well and good, but there is a much more important announcement that goes along with this change. Nancy has confirmed that the lead up to this move will coincide with a purge of the nearly 9000 inactive accounts from the ranks of BRAVE. This is a noted change in policy as previously BRAVE rhetoric was quite clear in it’s intent to always preserve the corporate home of inactive players. Previous leaders such as Lychton Kondur had begun the process of purging the older inactives, but quickly lost steam due to the massive amount of work it entails; Said work is especially tedious considering the downright infuriating corporate management interface. This is made somewhat worse by the fact that corps that don’t want to support FW will likely leave the alliance, robbing the alliance of much needed manpower.

The text of Nancy’s announcement on the BRAVE forums can be found below:

Greetings brave!

This has been an interesting few weeks. Since leaving fountain, we have found ourselves free from the grind and constant assaults on our space. At the same time, we have found that we are struggling to find achievable alliance goals. The council has been working on discussing our options that culminated in a 3 hour meeting tonight. We laid out our options, and though there was some disagreement, I think we have found a strong compromise that gives us all achievable goals and more content.

I will be forming a secondary alliance that will be joining caldari faction warfare. BNI and a few other sister corps will temporarily be moving over to the new alliance to participate. We have been working with the calmil leadership and are discussing options for where to stage and goals that we will set for not just ourselves, but the entire faction. These details should be worked out in the next couple days, and we will make further announcements about logistics, etc.

For the other corps, they will remain in Brave Collective and pursue some other goals in sov null we are working towards. Details here are a bit sparse, but expect more info once we have a few more conversations with the relevant parties

A few things need to get put in place before we can join calmil, and I’m budgeting 2 weeks to get everything sorted out.
step 1 will be purging BNI inactives, approximately 8000 folks! Everyone who hasn’t logged in since we moved to Aunsou.

We will need to start grinding standings to ensure we are positive to caldari in order to enroll (we currently are, but purging may affect that). I am recruiting teams of folks that are interested in joining calmil early to grind up standings, and will later return to bulk up our standings immediately before joining. If interested, contact Nancy Crow, or send an application into “Peaceful Easy Feeling” to assist in the effort.

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