How to Get Engineering Research in Kenshi


Getting started in the wasteland of Kenshi can be hard. You start out with basically nothing in a post-post-apocalyptic world. There’s nothing good out there, only survival or death. To make something of yourself, you need to put the effort into improving yourself. Not only will you have to get better weapons and gear, but you need to put your mind to work. The player’s goals will vary between players, but there’s a common need to perform research to build a safe outpost in the wastes. But as you’re building up that shiny new base, you will notice some research-based roadblocks in your way. One of the most common problems you’re going to run into is the need for research items, like Engineering Research.

What is Engineering Research?

Engineering Research is an item that can be found in Kenshi that’s very vital for late-game unlocks. You will need it to research a bunch of different buildable items and buildings. This is vital for full progression of your settlement. It’s actually an Ancient Artifact, so it’s kind of rare. You will not be able to get this item right away, so be sure to spend time getting stronger first. But once you have the need for it, keep reading to find out where to get Engineering Research in Kenshi.

How to Get Engineering Research in Kenshi

There are a few places you can go to get Engineering Research in Kenshi. The trouble is, it isn’t cheap, or it requires a lot of combat skill. The areas that most commonly spawn Engineering Research in the game are usually guarded by high-level enemies, but there are some places you can go in the mid-game to get more that are easier to reach. Black Desert City, the United Cities outpost west of Holy Nation territory, is one such location. There’s a merchant called the Scraphouse just west of that settlement that sells Engineering Research and other rare items. You can buy it for 8,000 cats from this vendor.

In the same area, you can also find this item as a possible loot drop from containers. The Workshops scattered around the zone with Black Desert City often contain research items. Simply find these locations on the map by searching and loot the storage units inside the workshops. These workshops are usually guarded, so a team with good stealth and combat skills is preferred. Use the map below to find the location of each Workshop. You can also hit up the Armory locations for some solid late-game weapons.

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How to Get Engineering Research in Kenshi

There’s another late-game area you can hit up called Flat’s Lagoon. This region is southwest of The Hub, but very hard to get to. You will have to go southeast from the Hub, avoiding the Swamps region. Circle through Nomad Territory in Shem to get closer. The big danger here is the region of Venge. This is Thrall Master territory that also has giant death beams that can easily wipe your entire party. Go through Venge at night to avoid the beams, then hook straight south to end up at Flats Lagoon. The Tech Hunters here sell some of the best loot in the game.

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