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Control April 2020 Update patch notes released, fixes incoming

Control's Foundation DLC

Remedy has released the newest patch for their strangely compelling action-adventure, Control. The new Control April 2020 Update patch includes a variety of fixes. It’s mostly a bug fix patch, and includes fixes for some issues with various moments during gameplay, as well as other changes to minor elements.

The majority of the patched issues involve glitches with assets not rendering properly or not working correctly. For example, various issues with the main character model and certain enemies have been fixed. The player should now be able to progress through the story without getting blocked by certain bugs, like in the new Foundation DLC.  This patch also tweaks the difficulty of the Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform side mission to make it easier.

Players will notice that the patch also has some fixes for certain translation issues in some versions.

The game will auto-download the patch on your launcher of choice. If you would like to know all of the details of the Control April 2020 Update, check out the patch notes below.

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Control April 2020 Update Patch Notes


  • Fixed the issue where the Golden Cube in the Astral Toilet is not respawned right away if Jesse throws it away
  • Also fixed the issue where Marshall may disappear during the final boss fight in The Foundation
  • Fixed the issue where Hiss Barriers keep Jesse trapped inside the Pillar room in the Upper Warehouse
  • Also fixed the issue where the Hotline message from Marshall “The Foundation” collectible is not collected if the player moves past it fast enough
  • Fixed the issue where Jesse was not invincible while Evading. You get those iFrames back! Please use responsibly.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of the Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform side mission to make it easier


  • Fixed the issue where the Astral Constructs menu has the wrong text for the Infinite tier weapon and personal mods


  • Various localization fixes
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