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Need for Speed Heat revealed, gets launch date

Need for Speed Heat Release Date

After the teaser earlier this week, we finally have some confirmation about the newest entry in the Need for Speed series. Say hello to Need for Speed Heat.

The new racing title is a bit of a departure from the simpler setups of earlier franchise titles, but it seems like a welcome one. We can safely say that Need for Speed Heat will put a ton more emphasis on car customization, and this is based on how the new structure of races and unlocks works.

A big part of the information we have so far comes from an official Reddit post from EA DICE community manager Ben Walke. This reveals that the new video game is set in Palm City, Florida for one thing. But it also showed us quite a bit about how the game actually plays. Once night falls in this not-so-little town, the speed demons come out, and things get rowdy. Sure, daylight races are a thing, but the real rewards to your reputation in the scene are unlocked in night races.

The underground racing circuit kicks into high gear, and the various race types each offer their own challenges and rewards. You can either unlock cash and new parts, or become a more infamous racer, based on when and where you take on races. But be warned, The Palm City police department will be hot on your tail throughout all your endeavors. This cat-and-mouse game even weaves its way into the story, as you have to evade one rather persistent Lieutenant Mercer.

Need for Speed Heat will launch  on November 8th, with a trial version set to come out shortly before that  on November 5th via Origin Access Premier and Play First Trial. If you want to see more of the game, there will be some footage released during Gamescom this month, until then, check out the teaser down below.

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