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Anthem is now available on EA’s Origin Access


So those gamers that might be looking for a new loot shooter may be in look, as those paying into EA’s Origin Access will now be able to play BioWare’s troubled  newest title, Anthem. This is good if you’re still in the mood to play the game, if the various problems haven’t sent you screaming back to Destiny 2 and Warframe. And it’s easy to write the game off, given the long and hellish development and the lackluster launch the shooter went through. Plagued from the outset by bugs, bad balance issues and a palpable lack of endgame substance, players abandoned the title in droves.

Even though EA pumped a lot of money into marketing the title with flashy trailers, serious balance issues persisted, necessitating the need for a ground-up redo on many of the mechanics and underlying systems in the game. And according to most, their efforts so far have been underwhelming at best.

the addition of the video game to the EA roster will allow a new crop of gamers to experience the Cataclysm revamps in the title, and maybe even some returning players will join in on the fun. Both EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will be able to download and play the base game for free as of today across PS4, Xbox One and PC. Those in the added premium tier of the service, Origin Premier, will get access to the Legion of Dawn edition as a free bonus. This version retailed for $80 USD at launch and included some exclusive items for each of the in-game classes. Here’s what the premium version includes as DLC:

  • Ranger: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack and Weapon
  • Colossus: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
  • Storm: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
  • Interceptor: Legend of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
  • Anthem Digital Soundtrack
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And speaking of the Cataclysm events, they’re wrapping up soon on October 1st, so get in while you can.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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