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Path of Exile adds Delve Tab and plans Blight league improvements

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

So Blight is getting underway, and since were into the first few weeks of the League, developer Grinding Gear Games is keen to see what Path of Exile  fans have to say about the new content. And as usual, the focus is on addressing balance and performance issues, areas of particular concern for the playerbase. The focus on the plan GGG outlined on the official site points to adjustments to mob counts as well as some power adjustments.

Bug fixes and other tweaks are also on the way, like a tentative fix for the “Exception Present” crashes reported by some players. And to deal with ongoing complaints about lag spikes in larger Blight encounters, GGG is anticipating reducing the monster count of some maps, making lower-end machines more sustainable. This should also help on console versions as well where performance hits are often felt a bit harder. A handful of other bugs involving certain Blighted mobs and Anointments in the new expansion are being fixed as well.

In other POE news, there’s some other great new content coming to the game in the form of microtransactions, and no it’s not cosmetic this time. Although the Carnival Mystery Box is pretty cool, a lot of Path of Exile players want something more, and that something is usually the form of more storage space for all the junk they’ve accumulated over their years of playing. Grinding Gear Games makes it a pretty big deal to consistently push out more Stash Tabs as a specialized storage solution for dealing with more than a dozen expansions worth of free content, and the latest addition to the Tab roster makes the hubbub of inventory management just a bit easier.

With the introduction of Delve League and the Azurite Mines, players now also had to juggle dozens of Fossils and Resonators. GGG recently made the management of these crafting items easier by making them stackable in 3.7, presumably to prepare for the launch of this new Stash Tab. Check out the new Delve Stash Tabs in action in the video down below. This new item joins the , including the Unique Collection Tab, Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab and more in the POE cash shop.

Path of Exile 3.8 and the Blight expansion are live right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. IF you’re just digging into the quest to fight back this dangerous infection, we’ve got plenty of guides to help new players deal with the Blght. You should also check out our other Path of Exile 3.8 Guides:

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