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Star Wars: Squadrons release date and price revealed

Star Wars: Squadrons Release Date

Everyone who was a Star Wars fan and owned an N64 remembers one of the best Star Wars games ever made, the original Rogue Squadron. Though the later sequels on the GameCube left a lot to be desired, the original game is a gold standard for dogfighting games set in the legendary sci-fi universe. And now, we’re finally getting a new game, sort of. Star Wars: Squadrons is the newest game that takes the dogfighting genre and marries it to the Star Wars brand.

The game features all-new graphics engines that make all the battles really shine. If you wanted the best possible experience of being an X-Wing pilot, this may be it. There’s plenty of battles to take on, all set in the time following the original trilogy of films. So that means likely post-Imperial era of ships will be seen here, with some hold-overs from the Imperial remnant. The developers are putting a ton of effort into making the experience feel frantic and authentic in equal measure.

Check out the reveal trailer for the game down below. The game is planned for a release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PC through Steam and Origin. The game can support large-scale battles in multiplayer arenas, so it’s likely to put a ton of focus on the online play side of things.

The developers have revealed a few details about the upcoming game. There will be some form of singleplayer campaign, but online PvP is the real focus here. Players can join up with friends and take on other squads in deathmatch-style gameplay modes. All the time tracking their stats and seeing who the best star pilots in the galaxy are.

The Steam page, where you can already pre-order the game, has some more details you might find interesting. EA Motive Studios, who worked on Star Wars Battlefront II and Mass Effect: Andromeda, will have a skins system to allow players to deck out their craft with unique looks.

Star Wars: Squadrons will have its first official gameplay trailer during EA Play, which takes place on June 18. So come back around then to see more of this new game. The release of Star Wars: Squadrons is currently scheduled for October 2, 2020. Pricing for the base game stands at $39.99.

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