How to get Shiva in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to get Shiva in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Shiva is one of the more well-known Summons throughout Final Fantasy. The ultra-powerful Summons draw their inspiration from the mythology of the real-world, and as a result, have a ton of beautiful designs and really cool abilities across various entries within the franchise. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans of the original game get to see these powerful attacks in all of their glory. And as someone who still remembers how beautiful the Summons were in Final Fantasy X, I can’t wait to see how awesome they are in this game. Shiva in Final Fantasy VII Remake  is just one of several I’m excited to see.

Shiva is something of a fan-favorite Summon, bringing beauty and raw power to the game and offering one of the more liked choices in the game that can be easily obtained. Whereas other more powerful Summons need to be ground out through long quest chains, Shiva in Final Fantasy VII Remake can be obtained as one of the first ones the player has access to.

To get Shiva, you need to get to the ruins of the Sector 5 Slums, and find Chadley. Take on his  “Combat Simulation: Shiva” mission and complete it. This involves a rather tough fight against the Summon herself. He spawns there after Chapter 8, Budding Bodyguard.  This is very different from how it worked in the original game. In FF7, the Shiva Materia is given by Priscilla of Under Junon after defeating the boss, Bottomswell.

And yes, just like in the original game, Shiva in Final Fantasy VII Remake has multiple levels that can be obtained through use and AP grinding. Chadley is also useful for respeccing your character throughout the game as well.

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Fighting Shiva is a bit of a tough prospect, but there are some ways to help yourself out. Fire Materia and any Fire damage from Summons like Ifrit and his Hellfire attack are a huge help here. Cloud and Aerith should both have Fire Materia heading into this fight, and you may want to grind it up a bit to get a bit stronger attacks out of it as well.

Another option is to link Elemental and Fire in Cloud’s weapon, this will augment his DPS with Fire, further increasing the speed at which you can take Shiva down. Always keep your eye on Aerith and here ATB, use Arcane Ward when possible to reduce incoming damage.

Once you have managed to defeat Shiva, you will unlock her Materia which will give you a nice boost to your roster.

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