How to get Dark Frosting in Destiny 2

The holidays have invaded Destiny 2. And it turns out that many NPCs have a sweet tooth. You need to take on an event quest to make holiday treats for many different folks, all across the system. After you have hit up the NPC Eva Levante for your mission in the Tower, you’re kind of left to your own devices. The Dawning 2021 recipes aren’t going to make themselves, so you need to get moving. Here’s some help with finding a particular ingredient.

How to get Dark Frosting in Destiny 2

Dark Frosting is one of many ingredients in Dawning 2021 that’s tied to a certain damage type. In this case, there’s Stasis damage to do. When you’re ready to farm, head into something easy to run repeatedly like Dares of Eternity and farm your butt off. This is also  a good mission to get multikills and other weapon-specific kills on.

Your best hope would be to use both Stasis Weapons and abilities in a wave-based mode. Peacebond, Fracethyst, Vulpecula and Ager’s Specter are all options for this quest. There are many other Stasis weapons, but these are some of the best. If you’ve finished the main Beyond Light missions, you should also have a Salvation’s Grip you can use.

The Stasis subclasses that Destiny 2 introduced can only be unlocked once you complete Beyond Light’s story campaign. Completing the story should take around four or five hours if you haven’t done it. The Dawning 2021 is clearly intended as an endgame-focused expansion, so the assumption is that you’ve already done that. The Behemoth, Revenant and Shadebinder all have Stasis abilities that can be used to farm for Dark Frosting.

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