How to defeat The Huntsman in Final Fantasy VII Remake

What is the level cap in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

During the second chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake players will be taking on the various tasks of Midgar and the growing discontent with Shinra will boil over into full-blown chaos. By the second chapter of the story, you will be riding high after the somber destruction of Reactor 1, Cloud and the rest of the gang will have to act carefully and begin planning for their next moves. Players will explore Sector 8 of the city of Midgar, taking on some new challenges as Shinra and AVALANCHE continue their struggle. One difficult hurdle to cross over in this area is the Huntsman in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Shinra’s forces will be a very common sight in battles during this section, and AVALANCHE will have to battle through them. Grenadiers will be among the many new enemy types introduced in this section. Riot Soldiers will be a much more tanky and dangerous option of the Shinra forces in this area.

The Huntsman in Final Fantasy VII Remake will appear shortly before you escape the train after being pursued by Shinra. He’s a very rough boss to fight, as he has a large HP pool and is resistant to some damage types. Like most of the Shinra guards, he’s susceptible to Fire damage, which makes Fire magic and other similar abilities your goto attacks when opening the fight.

The new combat system in the remake offers another option though, if you don’t have the Fire Materia on hand and leveled up. Try and get in close the stay behind him. Using his size against him can allow the player to get in some easy chip damage via basic attacks. The best way to do this is to wait for him to issue a taunt during combat, then you rush around him and smack him on his backside.

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Repeating this process will also open up the Huntsman in Final Fantasy VII Remake for staggering. Hitting him for enough damage in a round will make him stagger, slowing him down further. Save your Punisher Mode ability for this moment. this powerful attack unleashes a torrent of damage, that when combined with Fire, can be the difference between a win and a loss in this boss fight.

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