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PL kills Revenant, a lesson in bad fits

EVE Online Revenant

Earlier today in the system of S-6HHN, Delve: A 70-man Pandemic Legion Black Ops squad ambushed a Revenant supercarrier. A lot of issues become apparent when first glancing at the killmail, but I’ll get to that plethora of stupidity in a moment.

First, a short summary. The Super belonged to Double G, the head of a 3 man alt corp. Double G had been sighted by PIZZA scouts moving through Delve, apparently gate to gate with no escort fleet or other support. The group quickly worked to set a series of bubbles in the target system to hold down the gates.

Once the target entered system, the trap was sprung. The tackle elements were able to pin down the Super and bridge in a support fleet from PL. who chose to neut out the Super in order to keep it from warping off to allow more players to arrive and get in on the killmail.

According to comms from the kill, the owner purchased this super as well as a Ragnarok that was previously targeted by PL. The pilot also previously belonged to a Pandemic Legion corp, but they don’t seem to fond of him. These days he was a member of a DARKNESS-ran rental agreement, who have fled the area with PL in the neighborhood. Which explains why the Revenant was being moved.

It seems that the pilot chose to logout instead of going down with this Titanic turd, so it left his ship an easy target.

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Of course, with no support, triage, or serious tank, the Super died rather quickly to a fleet of Blops Battlehips.

Here comes the crazy. . .

The fit of this Revenant is just weird. A complete T2 shield fit, lacking any serious tank, a meta cloak, and no rescue cyno. Even stranger is the lack of complete refits in the cargo. Ostensibly, this appears to be a travel fit of sorts, but why someone moving a super had no webbing alt to replace the Inertial Stabilizers with tank improvements is just strange. The smartbombs don’t do much good in the cargo for clearing tackle either. At least when Pandemic Legion lost the first Revenant ever, it was somewhat well-fit.

This matter is further complicated by the expensively fit ships in the fleet hangar. How someone can justify a bling fit for faction Battleships but not a Supercarrier is beyond me.

The series of bad decisions that led to this kill are many in number, and it just goes to show that not everyone can be a Super pilot, as well as another example of why renter Supers are kind of a bad idea.

A video of the kill with comms can be seen below:

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