Watch Dogs Legion Trophies and Achievements

Watch Dogs Legion Trophies and Achievements

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest game from Ubisoft in the hacker-action series. Yes, that genre combination is pretty weird, but strangely fitting for the tone of the games. DedSec has been set loose on London, and it’s time to open up a new front in the digital war.

Watch Dogs Legion places players in the role of a new clique of hackers looking to take on some tech dystopia giant. And much like the rat in the maze of technology that the game treats the player as, modern games demand so much of our time, data and attention. And with the new game comes another gaggle of accomplishments to achieve. The Watch Dogs Legion Trophies and Achievements have been revealed.

The game releases on October 29, 2020, so you can get ahead of the game with a little luck if you know what to do. So if you’re a completionist looking to up that score just a little bit more, this list is for you.

Watch Dogs Legion Trophies and Achievements

Here is the full list of all the Watch Dogs Legion Trophies and Achievements for the new game. Starting with the most difficult Platinum Trophies, we’ll work our way down to simple stuff.

  • Completionist: Get all other trophies (Platinum)
  • Divided We Fall: Complete the DedSec Storyline (Gold)
  • Take Back London: Turn all the boroughs into a Defiant state (Gold)
  • Rise Up: Turn one borough into a Defiant state (Silver)
  • Every Walk of Life: Have a team of 20 Operatives with different occupations (Silver)
  • Down to the Wire: Perform five stealth takedowns with a Professional Hitman (Silver)
  • Death From Above: Kill 5 Albion guards using Dive Bomb (Silver)
  • NO NOT THE BEES: Neutralize 10 Albion guards using Bee Swarms (Silver)
  • Hack The Planet: Propagate a hack across eight targets at once (Silver)
  • Shaken Not Stirred: Disable weapons of 5 Albion guards at once using the Spy Watch Gadget (Silver)
  • Power To The People: Have your followers neutralize a total of 3 Albion guards (Silver)
  • Paint Me Like One of Your: Stun Clan Kelley members five times with paintball gun headshots (Silver)
  • Throw The Book At Them: Perform five arrest takedowns (Silver)
  • The Royal Tour: Enter Buckingham Palace’s restricted area disguised as a Royal Guard (Silver)
  • You Don’t See Me: Escape a Pursuit Level 5 doing a Statue Emote (Silver)
  • All About Aesthetic: Buy a Weapon Skin (Silver)
  • Re-Wrap My Whip: Buy a Vehicle Paint (Silver)
  • Fresh Threads: Spend 100 000 ETO on Clothes in shops (Silver)
  • Fully Kitted: Unlock all Upgrades (Silver)
  • Locked and Loaded: Purchase all the upgrades for every weapon (Silver)
  • Oral History: Collect 50 Audio Logs
  • Magpie: Collect 15 Relics (Silver)
  • Making Friends: Recruit an Operative after completing “Reporting For Duty” (Bronze)
  • Meta-Gaming: Recruit a Video Game Designer (Bronze)
  • Could’ve Made National: Complete Kick up challenge intermediate 1 (Bronze)
  • Bullseye: Complete a Darts game in every Darts location (Bronze)
  • Piece de Resistance: Complete a Paste Up in every Paste Up location (Bronze)
  • Bottom’s Up: Drink at least once in every Drink location (Bronze)
  • DedSec Delivery: Complete 20 Parcel Fox Delivery Missions (Bronze)
  • Brave New World: Complete “Operation Westminster” (Bronze)
  • The Future Is Bright: Complete the 404 storyline (Bronze)
  • Long Live The Queen: Complete the Kelley storyline (Bronze)
  • Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Complete the Signals Intelligence Response (SIRS) storyline (Bronze)
  • When Good Men Do Nothing: Complete the Albion storyline (Bronze)
  • The One That Got Away: Complete “Finding Bagley” (Bronze)
  • In The Nick of Time: Complete “Change of Heart” (Bronze)
  • A Roof Over Your Head: Complete “Royal Treatment” (Bronze)
  • England For Everyone: Complete “Parks and Reclamation” (Bronze)
  • A Dish Best Served Cold: Complete a Revenge Mission (Bronze)
  • And Stay Down: Defeat a DedSec Adversary (Bronze)
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