Where to find a Clover Leaf in Grounded

How to get a workbench in Grounded

When first starting out in Grounded, you will be very limited in what you can do. You start out with just the basic Tier I Chopping and Busting Tools, but those are more useful for harvesting basic materials. To harvest the leaves from the Clover, you will need at least that basic Chopping tool, so bring that along wherever you go.

Where to find a Clover Leaf in Grounded

To the northern end of the map, between the giant tree limb and the jumble of rocks, you will find a copse of the clovers. Check nearby to the Mysterious Machine from the beginning of the game to find your first bit of this item. Look up into the sky to see it coming up.

You will want to keep your head held high and check the vegetation canopy above you. You can spot Clover Leaf in Grounded via its very distinctive appearance.

Where to find a Clover Leaf in Grounded

Once you find some, hit the stalk with the Chopping Tool and some of the resulting resources should drop. Once you have Clover Leaf in Grounded, you can finally get going on more complex crafting recipes. To unlock any recipes that use the item you need to take it back for analysis. Grab a handful of the leaves from the harvesting, and take it back to the computer-analyzer to unlock new crafting items. You can then use them to make a few unique items:

  • Clover Poncho
  • Clover Shin Guards
  • Clover Hood
  • Roof
  • Roof Corner
  • Roof Interior Corner
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These items are very useful for creating your really early base in Grounded. You can also store items and craft a few gear items.

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