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Two Point Hospital Comes to Consoles in February

Two Point Hospital

Sega has announced that Two Point Hospital is finally coming to consoles. The ports were delayed a while back, but now the project has gotten back on track. If you’ve ever played Theme Hospital, you’re probably very excited by this news. Just like that classic Bullfrog game, Two Point Hospital will have the player trying, and mostly failing, to treat various humorous maladies and problems for endless tide of grumpy patients.

Back when the game was announced, fans of the quirky original were skeptical but hopeful that a new team of developers could actually resuscitate that hardened sense of hipster cynicism that has been built up around a beloved franchise. After all, the feeling of having to treat epidemic of big head disease while your patients are angry is quite the rush. Having them be angry because the hospital is littered with empty Kit-Kat wrappers because the one freaking janitor is trapped in your labyrinthine bathroom makes the experience a feeling that’s hard to capture.

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The developers have done a pretty good job of that though, as this is a great game. And with the recent addition of a full sandbox mode, you can get really crazy with the kinds of hospitals that you create.

Two Point Hospital will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from February 25 both at retail and the digital storefronts for each console as well. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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