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RimWorld enters Beta, adds new weapons and a redesigned combat engine


After 17 major Alpha releases, sci-fi colony management sim RimWorld has entered Beta with version 18.

Many new additions come in the Beta 18 update, which signals that the game is in its final stretch of development, and there won’t be any “major content additions” before a 1.0 release.

The big changes include three new swamp biomes filled with plants, a handful of new ‘incidents’—including tornadoes and meteor strikes—melee combat has also been revamped. A new combat log similar to that of Dwarf Fortress will allow the player to catalogue every strike landed and shot fired across their game.

There’s also a huge batch of minor additions. The beta adds a lot of ‘mental breaks’ including the aforementioned barrage of insults, bedroom tantrums, corpse obsessions (colonists dig up a random corpse and drop it in a high-traffic area) and murderous rages.Colonists are also more likely to engage in various types of new social interaction. For example, a feud between colonists might result in constant exchanges of insults between them.

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It also adds new mental inspirations, basically the opposite of mental breaks. A colonist might work extra hard for a day, walk extra fast or shoot more accurately.

The full list of changes is here, and you can watch the developer go into more details on the changes in the video above.

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