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Pokemon GO Beldum Community Day announced

Pokemon GO Beldum Community Day

Niantic has confirmed the next Community Day event for their popular mobile ARG, Pokemon Go.

October Community Day would feature the fan-favorite Psychic- and Steel-type Pokemon, Beldum.

October’s Community Day is slated to occur on October 21 beginning at 11 AM PDT and 2 PM ET. There could be a spawn-rate increase for Beldum during that event, but this hasn’t been confirmed. It has been confirmed that the typical Community Day bonuses will be active. That means 3-hour Lures and Egg hatching distance cut to 25% of it’s normal rate.

The event will also offer a special move for Metang evolved during the timeframe. Any Beldum that are upgraded to Metang and then into Metagross during the event, and for 1 hour after it ends, will learn a ne move. Speculation centers on the assumption that this new move will be Meteor Mash. By the way, Charged and Fast TMs will not grant an exclusive move during the event.

But special moves and increased catch rates during events aren’t the only news for this upcoming Community Day that has fans excited. There’s tons of other events and new Pokemon that have people ready for more. Nintendo recently announced a new potential rare Pokemon called Meltan after it appeared in Pokemon Go.

In other Pokemon Go news, we finally got a new Legendary raid with Regirock. And we the next Community Day events were announced, including Chikorita. And aside from new raids and events, there’s some new Shiny variants coming to the game.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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