How to get the Cross Bomb in Metroid Dread

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There are many hidden items and secrets in Metroid Dread. The game also has a ton of different items and upgrades you can find for Samus. Players will need a bunch of these to get through various puzzles and challenges. There are many different upgrades in this game. There are also many hidden areas you need to find, to grab things like Missile Tank upgrades and Power Bombs. The Cross Bomb in Metroid Dread is one of the more potent offensive weapons in Samus’ arsenal.

How to get the Cross Bomb in Metroid Dread

The item is located in the Ghavoran map zone. The boss room the upgrade is in is inside the final room in the upper right of the map. To get here, you need to progress through the level until you reach the worm-covered door. Go into Morph Ball and roll through the gap ahead. When you encounter and defeat Golzuna, you will unlock the upgrade in that same room. Getting to the door that leads to Golzuna is its own challenges.

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To reach this area where the item is actually located, you will need to have obtained the Space Jump, located in Ferenia, and the Gravity Suit, located in Burenia. You could also have unlocked other upgrades like the Speed Boost and Spin Boost, to reach various hidden areas. You will unlock Cross Bombs fairly late in the game, but it can be great for breaking down walls to reveal secret items and upgrades.

To use Cross Bombs, charge up a normal bomb shot, then hold R and press Y. You need to do this before the charge for the normal bomb is finished, and it will convert to the more powerful Cross Bomb.

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