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Witcher 3 patch adds cross-platform save support with PC

Nintendo Switch

Witcher 3 on Switch has a new patch today, and it has a really exciting new feature for the millions who have already played the game but double-dipped and bought the game on the Nintendo Switch as well. The rather impressive port of the expansive RPG rung surprisingly well on the weaker Nintendo hardware, and fans have seemingly been enjoying it. And with the new 3.6 patch to the RPG, there’s a new feature that could help aid people coming back to the game.

If you’re one of the many who already owned the game on PC, you probably had no interest in the Switch version, least of all because having to restart your save and lose that New Game+ progress to then run on a graphically inferior platform is not all that appealing to hardcore PC gamers. But with the new 3.6 patch to Witcher 3 on Switch, both of these concerns have been addressed to a degree.

CD Projekt Red passed off development of the port to Saber Interactive, who did a wonderful job making the expansive game playable on Switch. And with the new patch, there are a few features of note that players will want to know about.

Saber Interactive has managed to take The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch and turn it into quite the graphical powerhouse, relative to the platform. The switch port runs at 30 FPS in most scenes still, by the choppiness of high-action moments has been smoothed out. The game already pushed the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip of the Switch to its limits, so seeing further code optimizations in this new patch really helps sell that the developer is committed to making the port the best it can be. Players will also be able to tweak visual settings a bit more, increasing the visual quality.

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The biggest new addition is that save file integration with GOG and Steam is now a thing. This means you can link your Nintendo and PC platform account and port your save over from the PC version using cloud saves. This is great news for anyone who was concerned about losing progress if they made the jump to Switch.

So if you’re one of those PC gamers who want to make the “switch” now that you can without sacrificing save progress. Consider picking up Witcher 3 on Switch on Amazon. You can also grab it on the eShop if you’re inclined to the digital release.

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