How to get the Spin Boost ability in Metroid Dread

There are many hidden items and secrets in Metroid Dread. The game also has a ton of different items and upgrades you can find for Samus. Players will need a bunch of these to get through various puzzles and challenges. The Spin Boost ability in Metroid Dread is one of the more important ones. Players will need this to double jump, which is great for getting over big walls and gaps.

How to get the Spin Boost ability in Metroid Dread

The Spin Boost ability in Metroid Dread can be found in one location, with one of the monsters you find holding onto it. One of the EMMI Zone exits in Ghavoran is where you need to go. You will actually need a few upgrades already to reach it. You need both the Spider Magnet and Morph Ball abilities unlocked for this.

Inside that zone, there’s a massive vertical chamber a few rooms after the zone entrance. There is a jumping puzzle in this room that you need to use to reach the top of the zone. You need to be quick, as the platforms in this big chamber are not permenant.

After you reach the top of the chamber, head to the room at the middle of the right-hand wall. There is a save station in this room, to let you know you’re heading the right way. Move forward and beat the enemies in the next room. Use the Spider Magnet to climb up the wall. There will be some Morph Ball tunnels in your way next down the left-hand path.

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When you get through the tunnels and reach a flooded room with a launcher. Use the Morph Ball to jump the gap via the launcher. After this, you will  reach the room with the Chozo Statue holds the Spin Boost power-up.

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