How to farm DNA in Destroy All Humans

How to farm DNA in Destroy All Humans

Cryptosporidium 137 needs his DNA. The powers that he uses, and weapons he fires, rely on the power of Furon engineering. And to reach his full potential, Furon DNA is the key. And since it’s nestled deep within the brains of modern humans. Or in the case of the game, 1950’s humans. So to upgrade your alien buddy, you need to harvest it. Lucky for you, Crypto is very good at it, and even has his own tools.

Every brain stem you extract, as well as completed missions, reward Crypto-137 with a bundle of DNA. But really, targeting farming for DNA in Destroy All Humans is where it’s at. Here’s what you need to do.

How to farm DNA in Destroy All Humans

The best way to go about this is to get just enough DNA to upgrade Crypto’s Zap-o-Matic and Brain Extraction abilities.  Getting at least the first upgrade in each tier will give you a lot better progress when farming DNA.  Getting the Probe to a maxed out level is another option, as the AoE nature of the tool collects tons of brains.  These three abilities are key when doing this process. You can farm DNA in Destroy All Humans very quickly if done right.

Obviously, you shouldn’t just rush to max out these upgrades, as the later missions rely on having a ton of different abilities at your beckoned call. But if you focus on farming the earlier missions, it’s pretty easy to just grab a quick few thousand DNA per run. You can do this with the Explore World option in the main menu, after selecting to replay a campaign mission. You can easily farm the weaker enemies, it will just take longer compared to tougher campaign missions.

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Anyway, on to the actual method.

Challenges offer a good source of DNA too. Challenge levels are great for DNA, especially when you get all three stars for them. The Rampage Challenges in particular (Look for the flaming Crypto icon)  as they can grab an easy 2,000 DNA per run in about a minute if you’re quick in getting through the challenge.

Completing the final mission gives you 30,000 DNA points as well, so you could do that and beat the game. And then once you’ve done that, go back and try to maximize your abilities. You could also just cause tons of chaos if you wish, but that’s much slower than farming challenges. If you want to go that route, just go into a level later in the game and start sewing destruction. When the military shows up, start using your Brain Scan to pop them quickly and grab 75 DNA per brain.

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