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Capitalism Lab launches pre-orders for Banking and Finance DLC

Capitalism Lab

Enlight has announced that they are opening pre-orders for the next phase of DLC for their excellent business sim, Capitalism Lab. This is a game for all those who want a deep and engrossing business sim. You can set up a sprawling empire in any number of industries, with all of the supply chains needed to create, ship and sell your goods and services. There are dozens of different of products to manufacture too. And with the new Capitalism Lab Banking DLC on the way, the complexity and competitiveness is about to jump.

The core components of the DLC are, as the name implies, the banking industry. Combining with the improvements and updates to product classes introduced in the Digital Age DLC, this new addon will increase the volume of revenue one cane generate by a sizable margin. The biggest new features are two new industries, insurance and banking. The player (and their competition) will now be able to open bank and insurance branches throughout the cities in your nation. These bank branches must compete for foot traffic and market share like any other firm in Capitalism Lab, so placement and advertising is key.

Capitalism Lab Banking DLC

Banks automatically issue loans to the market, as well as taking in consumer deposits. These accounts then become the primary source of your bank’s revenue, as they pay back interest. Although you should be very careful, as default rates can sink your investments if you play too risky with the percentage of lower-rated loans. Although you can make much more money with loans against higher interest rates, the risk is much greater.

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Capitalism Lab Banking DLC

There’s much to the DLC as well, but you might just have to wait until it fully releases to find out.

Along with this new DLC, all versions of the game will be pushed into the version 6.1.00 branch. So this DLC will be set against the backdrop of the deep and often obtuse economic simulation that makes this game work. Expect more updates to follow though, as this is only a beta version, and is technically under active development.

There are a couple things to keep in mind though. Even though pre-orders are open, this is better thought of as Early Access for the Banking and Finance DLC. That means there will be bugs and crashes, as the DLC is still running on hot code. Also, mod compatibility is not assured, and probably won’t be stabilized until after the DLC pack releases.

Learn more about this new DLC via the pre-order page on the Enlight site.

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