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Total War: Three Kingdoms blows apart records, sells 1 million units

Total War: Three Kingdoms Details Dong Zhuo

Total War: Three Kingdoms is an incredibly strategy game. The Ancient China of this fantastical game is such a beautiful rendition that some are even taking to calling it the best looking Total War game. And now it’s no secret that the new title in the franchise has been made a huge success thanks to it’s wonderful gameplay innovations and much deeper storytelling. This is because it’s now been confirmed that the game has sold more than one million copies since launch.

Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer for the team, said the following:

“We knew we had something special with Three Kingdoms but the response from players, old and new, has exceeded all expectations. We’re seeing a lot of ‘best Total War ever’ comments out there. We’re very proud.”

Total War: Three Kingdoms has taken the Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material and made a quite good game out of it. The vast array of potential gameplay paths and playstyles alone are really appealing. The Records and Romance modes alone offer lots of potential, and when combined with the sheer volume of leaders each offering their own twists, Total War: Three Kingdoms has made some wonderful progress on the replayability front.

The increased variety of the revamped multiplayer campaigns and the subterfuge systems are also a great improvement to the base formula of the franchise. The game also uses a much improved graphical engine that makes the battlefields and campaign map a sight to behold. Never before has the idea of taking rice paddies and small villages over so enticing.

All of this meant that the game also blasted apart the previous record for pre-orders in the franchise. So all in all, it’s really easy to see why this game was a success. And now we just have to hope that Sega and CA can capitalize on this success and make the next game even better.

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