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Star Citizen’s “Around the Verse” on the tech behind procedural cities


This weeks “Around The Verse” dev vlog for Star Citizen is tackling a whole new area of the universe. The cities that will dot planetary landscapes, and the tech being used to build them.True to form, CIG are going all out and using procedural technology to generate batches and randomized and unique cities to populate planets in Star Citizen.

“We are just working on human cities at the moment,” CIG’s Wai-Hung Wan explains. “I would love to see how we tackle alien cities. Is that going to be completely random? Are we going to have some or a greater degree of refinement by hand? I don’t know yet. I would hope even on an alien civilization they have some degree of control and they would make logical, intelligent choices about where they would place specific buildings – even recreational facilities – so each time you visit that location it will look exactly the same as you left it.”

The various teams working hard on the game have addressed hundreds of issues and are creeping ever closer to the release for the next phase of Star Citizen’s alpha. Evocati testers, meanwhile, have been detailing information about the current state of testing, noting that missions are still prone to issues, but the party system, inventory, and ship locking systems all receive praise.

Check out the vid below:

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