How to increase inventory space in Breath of the Wild

How to increase inventory space in Breath of the Wild

Keeping track of all the inventory space in Breath of the WIld you have access to is a chore. With all the hidden armor and weapons, recipes to cook and so much more, young Link has been revived into a confusing Hyrule. As you adventure across the ruined landscape you will notice that there are many hidden challenges and treasures to uncover. Part of the challenge in this game, aside from keeping Link fed and healthy, is managing all of the other junk you have on hand.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows you to hold as many cooking ingredients as you can carry, which is good since there are hundreds of different recipes in the game. But when you’re dealing with armor and weapons, things get more complicated. Currently, there is room for 100 pieces of armor in your inventory. If you have reached the limit, you will see a message that says that your inventory is full when you try to collect a new piece of armor. The same is true for your other stashes as well.

This is where one of the more annoying parts of the game come in. You need to hunt down Hestu and Korok Seeds for him. Keep in mind that Hestu will move around the map, use the video down below to find him. Hestu moves between these locations after a few upgrades, so after you buy a few upgrades from him, check another spot if he moved.

How to unlock Hestu

In order to increase your inventory space you must complete the quest, The Priceless Maracas. Head to the Pillars of Levia, and look for the Kakariko Bridge past the Dueling Peaks. Hestu is in this area searching for their lost maracas, and you need to help them out. To retrieve the maracas, backtrack just a little bit to a rock formation to the north-east. Defeat the troop of Bokoblins and claim the prize from the chest nearby. Once you complete the quest, you can then return to Hestu.

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The key to upgrading your inventory space in Breath of the WIld is Korok Seeds. There are hundreds of Korok Seeds to find in the game, but you only need about 400 of them to actually fully upgrade your Stashes for various things. Each successive upgrade has an increasing cost though, so keep coming back to Hestu when you have enough seeds to buy another upgrade.

The first upgrades only cost 1 Seed, later upgrades increase in cost a fair bit. Use the chart below to figure out how many Korok Seeds you need to gather. These can be found all over the map, and you will need to return to Hestu each time you want to upgrade your inventory size another slot.

Hestu Upgrade Cost

Upgrade Weapon Stash Bow Stash Shield Stash
1st Slot 1 1 1
2nd Slot 2 2 2
3rd Slot 3 3 3
4th Slot 5 5 4
5th Slot 8 8 5
6th Slot 12 12 10
7th Slot 17 17 10
8th Slot 25 25 10
9th Slot 35 10
10th Slot 45 10
11th Slot 55 15
12th Slot 15
13th Slot 15
14th Slot 15
15th Slot 15
16th Slot 20
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