How to complete The V Challenge in BitLife

How to complete The V Challenge in BitLife

In a surprise twist, a new challenge has been released in BitLife a full day ahead of its normal time. BitLife devs have released the new challenge a full 24 hours ahead, on a Friday. The new challenge once again takes after previous challenges, borrowing something prevalent in pop culture, and making a task out of it. This new challenge is much more niche, but still pulls from a very popular media property, V for Vendetta. Here’s what you need to do to complete the new V Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete The V Challenge in BitLife

Being based on the popular dystopian move, you have a few things you need to do. The first thing is to make a character in the UK, and have them be male. Since you’ve becoming V, you have to do things this way.

The easiest thing to do is to read the Communist Manifesto. You can finish this part of by going to the Activities tab, and clicking on the Mind & Body option. From there, you’ll be able to read a book. The books found there will be based on your age and Smarts stat. So try visiting the library to get a high Smarts stat, and also be at least in your late teens. The book list is randomized, so some RNG is needed to be on your side. Try restarting the app or aging up if you can’t get the Manifesto to come up.

Now it’s time to rob a bank. You just need to go into the Crime option under the Activities tab, and then select rob a bank. Choose a disguise to wear, and make sure the Guy Fawkes mask is selected. Restart the app and try again if the mask isn’t in the dropdown.

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Escaping prison is easy in BitLife, it just takes a bit of luck. One of the more difficult things you need to do is not only to escape prison, but also to do it during a riot. When you want to start a prison riot in BitLife, here’s what to do. You need to get in prison first, and that means you should probably try to get caught doing the other tasks in this challenge, namely robbing a bank wearing the legendary Guy Fawkes mask. Once you go to jail, hang out for five years. During that time, make sure to work as a barber. You can go out for the barber job via the Prison tab, while in prison. Select Prison, then Prison Jobs, picking the barber option. You should then just age up for 5 or more years to complete this part of the new weekly challenge. You will also find the Riot option in that same tab. When you have gotten the job done, kick off the riot and you’re golden.

Once you have made it out during the riot, you will have completed the new V Challenge in BitLife.

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