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Check out the first gameplay trailer for Funcom’s Mutant Year Zero

Mutant Year Zero Gameplay Trailer

The quirky little turn-based RPG that is Mutant Year Zero is quite the interesting take on the mix of RPGs and tactical combat. This is mostly down to its very old-school influenced design that comes directly from the mutant pen-and-paper tabletop RPGs.

Check out the trailer below. In the E3 promotional material we got to see a party of three, Selma, Dux and Bormin explore a ruined area while also trying to avoid detection. This same approach carries through to the gameplay as real-time exploration gives way to X-Com style turn-based combat.

There’s a really deep and engrossing combat system here, and Mutant Year Zero definitely shows its roots in tabletop RPGs at any chance it gets. The story is much simpler though. You’re a mutant just trying to survive with your buddies in a hostile and ruined world.

As we can guess from the trailer, stealth and ambushes are a huge part of gameplay. Getting your team in position and using the Ambush move is a must in some of the more challenging fights. And the game hands you plenty of movement and evasion mechanics to accomplish this. You are equipped with silenced weapons, the ability to hide behind corners, and special mutant abilities all aid in this approach.

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Speaking of mutations, there a major focus in gameplay for Mutant Year Zero.

“We’ve got moth wings, stone skin, and one mutation where you can control the trees nearby and wrap their roots around enemy legs,” Parker says. “I really like the super jump. You can jump really far across different areas, up to high points to get a good vantage point.”

If you want to beta test the game then the Deluxe Edition gives you the three-day head start as well as access to the Beta version. All pre-orders can be made via the shop website. The game comes in two flavors, Standard Edition ($34.99) and a Deluxe Edition ($54.99).

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