How to complete the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife

We’re back with another weekly challenge in BitLife.  This time, we’re back in a world of zany hijinks and nonsense. Usually, these are convoluted challenges that must be done in sequence. This time, the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife is very fast. It’s really just a single step, but it will take some time to do. You need to focus on getting friends, and then getting rid of them in a very unique way.

How to complete the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife

This is a very easy challenge, it just takes a bit of luck. All you have to do for this challenge is to kill six of your best friends. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to acquire six best friends. To do this, you just need to keep at it. The fastest way to do this is to make a ton of work friends. As you age up through school, keep talking to classmates, and then coworkers. As you fill up their Relationship meter, they will eventually want to be best friends. When the event fires, accept.

When you have 6, you just need to keep them for a bit. Your goal is to then save up enough cash to hire a Hitman. The best way to get rid of each friend is to use a hitman. You can find this under the Activities > Crime > Hitman in the menu. Click that and choose your best friend you want to take out.

Make sure to spend time with them via the option at the bottom of the Relationships menu to keep them as a best friend during this time. You need to save up enough cash then hire the Hitmen in rapid succession. Keep hiring them until all six of your friends are gone. That’s all you need to do.

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That’s it, that’s how you finish the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife.

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