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Double Kick Heroes debuts first on Switch this Summer

Double Kick Heroes Coming to Switch

Nintendo and Headbang Club have revealed their upcoming collaboration, Double Kick Heroes, via the PAX East indie showcase. The game can be best described as a rhythm metal shooter, with plenty of action and rhythm. Players will use the power of music to slay legions of the undead.

The core gameplay mechanics revolve around timing inputs to the beat of the music, getting a successful input translates a good shot in-game, usually resulting in a slain zombie. The title is very stylized and looks like a total blast. So if you’re a metalhead looking for a rhythm game that features plenty of awesome riffs and slaughter, Double Kick Heroes may be the game of your dreams.

The title will come loaded with more than 30 original songs with licensed tracks and includes some guests such as Gojira, Ultra Vomit, Temnein, and more. The Joy-Con scheme will be adjusted so that the game performs natively with the unique motion control scheme of the Switch, so the experience should be pretty smooth.

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One special feature that the PC version has over the Switch version is that PC gamers can import their own music and design their own levels. Although I can’t see this feature being given the same freedom on Switch due to the potential copyright issues and the litigious attitude of Nintendo.

The trailer for the game was released this week at PAX East 2018 as part of the massive indie spotight. You can find the full highlight reel down below, and the trailer for Double Kick Heroes starts at 2:17. Double Kick Heroes is to arrive to Nintendo Switch first this Summer. The game is also currently on PC as part of Steam Early Access.

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