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Total War: Warhammer 2 Campaign First Look


With Total War: Warhammer 2 fast approaching, more details have emerged about the campaign and other aspects of the game. The Hgh-Elf and Lizardman races are the focus of a new campaign preview video published by CA. The video showcases Ulthuan and Lustria, the homelands of the High-Elves and Lizardmen. If you’re curious about the High-Elf roster, check it here.

The campaign for Total War: Warhammer 2 is also much more grand this time around compared to the previous game. Settlement sizes are increasing in terms of the number of build slots for each settlement. This means that the armies players and AI can field will increase in variety and number. This post from the official forums contains all the changes. Minor settlements remain at four slots, small province capitals go from four to six, regular province capitals get a boost from six to eight, special province capitals (Aldorf, for example) move from six to ten. Athel Loren locations change from ten to twelve.

There will also be an effort to port maps forward from the first game to Warhammer 2, once it’s complete of course.

The video is accompanied by the following text to help explain the struggles facing the High Elves and the Lizardmen.

The journey begins in the High Elves’ homeland of Ulthuan, where The Great Vortex crackles with magical energy on the Isle of the Dead; its dangerously unstable presence a magnificent but ominous sight that dominates the immediate landscape. The High Elves who reside there are led by Prince Tyrion and, as the video swoops down towards the White Tower of Hoeth and past the Fortress Gates of Ulthuan, you begin to get an understanding of the proud, highly developed people who live there.

Across the treacherous oceans and into Lustria, we see several races from the Old World who have set up outposts, while rogue armies roam the continent in search of riches. You will need to decide whether to enlist them to your cause or put them to the sword in your quest for dominance. The ruins of ancient cities, overrun by the jungle-landscape are there to be exploited… will you build new settlements there, or risk calamity while you delve them for treasure, magical artifacts, and other rewards?

Over on the Turtle Isle, the High Elf Arch-Mage, Teclis, campaigns far from home, deep in Lizardmen country. The Slaan mages rule over the region, directing the Lizardmen armies and their great Saurian beasts according to their Great Plan. If they can revitalise their Geomantic Web, unseen lines of power that connect their ancient cities, their chances of enacting their Great Plan will be greatly increased.

Finally, we are introduced to two Lizardmen Legendary Lords: the Slann Mage-Priest Mazdamundi, who has adopted the Astromancy stance to gain greater insight into his lush surroundings, and the famed Saurus Old-Blood Kroq-Gar, as he prepares to lead a Lizardmen force into battle against the High Elves at The Fallen Gates.

Total War: Warhammer 2 releases on 28 September. Check out details on the awesome pre-orders and collectors edition of Warhammer 2.

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