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Resident Evil 8 rumors spread hinting at werewolves and returning characters


The next Resident Evil game will take Biohazard’s hero Ethan Winters to new heights of danger. A new locale of a haunted castle beset by werewolves and other beasties is coming. The rumors swirling around this new game in the franchise have been going for some time. Capcom was recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors to play an “unannounced title” last month. Many suspected that this was the new RE game at the time. Although it could have been anything, we don’t know for sure.

This information on the the setting, the protagonist, and enemies in Resident Evil 8 was provided to the Biohazard Declassified. The news reveals that Capcom is simultaneously headed in a new direction and pushing fan-pleasing elements into the new sequel. The game is allegedly set in a “rural, snowy, and mountainous” village at the start. For those who don’t know, Ethan is the protaonist from REsident Evil 7.  We’re also hearing rumors that series icon Chris Redfield could be returning. There are some definite echoes of Resident Evil 4 going on here.

For gameplay, it looks like Capcom will stick to first-person perspective for this new game. The gameplay style of puzzles could also follow RE 7, again hard to say for sure. We can certainly say it will be an RE Engine game though. I know some players will be disappointed at the new setting and the seeming lack of moldy bois.

Other rumors have hinted that the game could be called something other than “Resident Evil 8” and will use a “clever title” instead.

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Capcom has said it does not comment on rumors or speculation when asked by various outlets. So don’t expect any official confirmation of these rumors just yet. And with the Resident Evil 3 Remake due in April, alongside the multiplayer portion, at least fans will have some thing to tide them over until we learn more. We’re still a fair bit away from release though, possibly we won’t hear anything more until much later this year as Capcom is busy plugging away at their current remake efforts.


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