How to do a sharp anchor turn in Sea of Thieves

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With the advent of Sea of Thieves Season One, a ton of folks are flooding into the high seas for a bit of piracy fun. And since you’re on the high seas, you need to know how to steer and control your ship. It’s a lot more complex than just unfurling the sails and turning the wheel. Having to manage all the stuff is pretty hard, but there’s a change that makes learning things easier.

Rare has also added Deeds, a tutorial that rewards players for completing various basic tasks. Performing a sharp anchor turn in Sea of Thieves is one part of that. Doing it right will give you completion of the Novice Sailor Deed. All this also ties into the Trials of Adventure system in the new Season of content too, but we’ll talk about that in another guide.

How to do a sharp anchor turn in Sea of Thieves

You can use this tactic to do some very fast turns. Say you want to bring your cannons to bear on a new target in front of you, here’s how.

The sharp anchor turn is not easy to do, and it does leave you moving very slowly. If you drop your anchor to perform one during a chase, you’re going to be a very easy target. You will then have to wait for your crew to raise the anchor while you sit there eating cannon shots. If that’s not a problem, remember a few things:

  • Before dropping your anchor, keep your sails all the way down.
  • Turn hard in the direction you want to go before dropping the anchor.
  • The timing isn’t easy to get right, but it’s easier once you get things a few times.
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Start by dropping your sails and then turning your ship directly toward the direction you want to go. At the same time, you should drop your anchor. While the anchor lowers the ship will pull harder in the direction you’re turning. When you notice that aggravated turn happening, immediately pull the anchor back up. As long as you get the timing right, you can turn in that direction.

Doing this at the right time will allow you to do a fast 180-degree turn, making it easy to change direction.

As long as you raise your anchor as soon as you start to turn, you should be fine. If you do it right, you won’t lose too much speed. There will be some amount of momentum lost, but it’s not too much if you time the sharp anchor turn correctly.

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