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How to unlock the Battletoads Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves

How to unlock the Battletoads Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves

The Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves is a new cosmetic option for players taking part in the new Summer events in Rare’s game. The legendary Battletoads games are certainly not one that I would have thought of for a cross-over, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. It definitely has something to do with the new Battletoads game that has just come out.

So to unlock the Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves, you need to complete the first act of Battletoads. You will need to do so on the same Microsoft account that’s linked to both games to claim the prize. If you complete act 1 on a separate account, you won’t be eligible for the new cosmetic ship set items. Also, you cannot move the ship set between accounts.

Although there’s no seemingly obvious time limit for this offer, at least for now. So hop into the new game and claim a free cosmetic in the best pirate sim around.

There are a few ways you can play the new game to claim the Battletoads Fightin’ Frogs ship set. For example, you can buy Battletoads via the Microsoft Store, Steam, or Xbox One. Any of these platforms can earn the necessary completion. You may also unlock the game via Xbox Game Pass as well. So if you have a subscription active, now is a good time to hop in and try a new game. The new brawler will drop onto Game Pass on August 20.

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You can check out the Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves via the trailer down below.

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