Farming Simulator 22 Pigs: Complete guide to breeding, storing & more

Farming Simulator 22 Pigs: Complete guide to breeding, storing & more

The latest installment of the farming simulation video game series from Giants Software, Farming Simulator 22, is exploding in popularity. The new iteration of the classic farming franchise has already cracked 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, and shows no signs of slowing. But with so much to learn, new farmers might be confused. Our FS22 guides are meant to help with that.

And as you might expect, there’s lots of growing to do. You will need to be able to plow and seed the field, as well as to apply nutrients. So if you need to apply lime, or fertilize your fields, this is a great way to make use of some tractor weights as well. There are many other ways you can make money aside from just crops. There are so many other animals you can get as well. Chickens are a lot of fun too.

Buying Pigs

Head over to the store, then go to the Construction tab. Then, go to Animals and select Pigs. There are three pens to choose from, ranging from $28,000 to $164,000. The price of the overall pens you can buy depends on how many animals you want in each one. Approximately 30 pigs can be kept in the smallest pen, with more than 200 being able to be placed in the largest one.

Farming Simulator 22 Pigs run about $50 each. You will need to buy animal transport to actually move them. This costs at least $80,000 for the basic Silverstar, and can also be leased. If that’s too pricey, lease it instead. Grab as many as you can afford and transit them back to your farm.

Feeding Pigs

After you place your animals inside their pen, you need to make sure to feed them. This is where most dedicated players will dedicate a field to growing grain specifically to feed their various animals. it takes two months for chickens to lay eggs, and you will need to feed them during that time. It’s going to get pretty expensive if you have to buy all your feed from the store. Later in the game, it’s usually a good idea to buy a field just for feed grain.

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Farming Simulator 22

Each animal has their own basic needs. Each feed crop can offer a certain amount of feeding percent in each category. Here is a breakdown of the feeding crops you can use:

  • Base Food – Corn or Sorghum
  • Grain – Wheat or Barley
  • Protein – Soybeans, Canola or Sunflowers
  • Root – Potatoes or Sugar Beets

One of the other things you need to keep your eye on is water. The pig pens have a small supply of water, but to reach the highest efficiency, you need to manually add more. Bring a water transport back to your farm and take it to a water source. Drive the water truck close enough to the water source to fill it up. Then, you need to drive it back to the sty and fill it up.

What do Farming Simulator 22 Pigs Make?

As you feed the pigs, you increase their efficiency. You will get it to 100% to get the most possible products from your pens. Pigs have multiple items that get produced from them in Farming Sim 22. The first is slurry, which you can collect using a slurry tank. This is great for getting liquid fertilizer for your crops.

The other major source of revenue is to sell the pigs themselves. Since they reproduce pretty fast, selling them can turn a nice profit off of the meat.

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