How to use Lime in Farming Simulator 22

How to use Lime in Farming Simulator 22

The latest installment of the farming simulation video game series from Giants Software, Farming Simulator 22, is exploding in popularity. The new iteration of the classic farming franchise has already cracked 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, and shows no signs of slowing. A big portion of the community just likes growing digital crops. That’s a big ask, a lot more intense than it sounds.

In a digital farming sim, one of the more important parts is having a fertile growing medium. Agriculture lives and dies by the nutrition of the soil you’re growing in. This takes proper planning and management in the real world, and is much easier in video games. Not only is there fertilizing to do, but there are also other techniques you can use. Players can use Lime in Farming Simulator 22 to massively boost the output of their fields.

What is Lime in Farming Simulator 22?

The basic idea is that lime is used in addition to fertilizer to improve harvest yields. Every few harvests from a field, you should also use lime. The fertilizing should be done before sowing, as well as after harvest. Every three or so harvests, you should apply lime in FS22. This gives you the biggest boost.

You will need a spreader that takes Lime, as well as solid fertilizer. Make sure to check the one you buy that does both, and make sure to buy the right kinds. Also, more expensive machines will hold higher capacities for each item.

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Just like any other item, you can buy lime in Farming Simulator 22 at the main store. It comes in both pallets and bags. Just like with the Fertilizer, when you buy the lime or nutrients, it spawns outside the store in the parking lot. Bring the tractor, with the spreader attached, to pick it up.

Pull up alongside the pallets, and the R key will change over to Refill Spreader. This will remove the pallet, and place it in the hopper of the spreader. Check the meter by your speedometer to see how much the spreader is filled. Fill it up, then head out and apply lime to your fields.

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