How to add friends in Pikmin Bloom

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

Niantic has released another tie-in game that brings another popular gaming franchise to mobile devices. Players around the globe are getting their hands on another Nintendo property, Pikmin Bloom has debuted. The new game from mobile gaming titan, Niantic, is exploding. The game is all about collecting little flowery pals, called Pikmin. And like the original GameCube games from all those years ago, it’s time to take them on adventures.

There’s plenty more to learn about the game as well. You can send your new flowery pals out on Expeditions and have them bring back little rewards for you. You might also want to learn about how to get the new premium currency, Flower Coins. Now, back to the topic at hand.

Thankfully, adding friends in Pikmin Bloom is actually very easy. It’s just as simple as it was in Niantic’s other games. When you want to add friends in Pikmin Bloom, here’s what to do.

Open up the game and then select the profile button that has your name and level on it. On the top of the UI, you will see an option for Freinds, press that. This will bring up the actual friends menu. You will need to know the username of the person you wish to add. You can also use their Friend Code. So be sure to share that friend code around if you want some new gaming buddies.

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Once you have the Friend Code, you’re good to go. Press the + button on the top right then click on Add Friend and put the code into the text box. This will fire off the friend request to them. Once they accept, you will be able to gift each other stuff.

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