Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

Is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Pre-orders are live as well. Players can get a Palico and Palacade armor set as a cosmetic for pre-ordering the game now. Nintendo Switch fans seem pretty excited about seeing a new game on the console based on the legendary Capcom property.

The release of Monster Hunter World has caused quite a stir, setting sales records all over the place. But with this new game, the developers are taking things in a slightly new direction. There’s a new setting for starters. Instead of Astera players will journey to Kamura Village, known for its Tatara Steel, a traditional Japanese method to crafting armor.  The new island environment was ravaged by a calamity called the Rampage some 50 years ago, and the Hunters are back to help out with a new challenge that could be linked to some older and more terrifying dangers.

It’s this backdrop that will see the standard Monster Hunter gameplay revived for the portable console, with some new innovations too. THe open world structure has been scaled down but is still intact for the Switch release. There are no loading screens to be found here. Players will get both their Palico buddies and a new Palacade dog-like companion too. The game will also get free title updates as DLC.

So that leaves one burning question in the minds of fans. Can you play online, is there multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise? The simple answer is yes, there is multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise. The system requires an NSO account that’s valid to play online though, so get on that Family Plan with some pals who own Switches and you’re going to be fine for that part.

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Just like in MHW, you can take up to four hunters on a single hunt and will be able to go into the same open-world maps together. It’s likely that a few things will change though, as the hub world—if there is one in Rise—will be scaled back for the sake of performance.

There were lots of issues with the multiplayer and general performance of World when it first launched. The game had bugs sure, and there were also limitations on the multiplayer that made it harder to get into the game with your pals. You had to complete a certain story mission to even get access to the online content, hopefully that won’t be the case in Rise.

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