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World of Warcraft adds 100% exp buff for quarantined players

Activision Layoffs “in the Hundreds” Are Coming

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens across the globe, more and more gamers find themselves stuck indoors with nothing else to do. Whatever they find to cure their boredom, it probably involves games. More and more people are flocking to PC gaming because they’re definitely not heading to their local GameStop.

Anyway, various online games are holding events and making it easier for everyone to enjoy their games. MMOs like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft are also getting in on the fun. With them wanting to pull gamers into the World of Azeroth, Blizzard has made a pretty big change to their most popular game. Blizzard has decided to grant all players the Winds of Wisdom buff until April 20th, this doubles all EXP earned in the game.

Blizzard had already announced that they were moving to a remote work strategy, and some fans were concerned about the future of some of their games, given that productivity has inevitably dropped as people are rightfully concerned about their safety.

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The global economy has hit a major rough patch thanks to COVID-19. The various countries entering into various degrees of social isolation has made things very hectic. Global manufacturing many sectors has ground to a standstill, many public space and events are closed, and the people are left wondering what comes next. It’s hard to say what it all means for the future of the world, as we are still very early into the pandemic, and it could be months before the crises abate.

As more and more companies and individuals shift away from in-person work to working remotely, game development has also taken a hit. It’s also unclear how these various COVID-19 closures and delays will impact future game releases, video game retailers are already struggling and had to cancel midnight releases.

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