How to build a house in Medieval Dynasty

How to build a house in Medieval Dynasty

One of the first things you want to do is build a house in Medieval Dynasty. You will need a place to sleep each night, and the house is very important. For starters, get a hammer and start gathering materials. This process will take a while. You will also want a stone ax. You can get the hammer in the village via a quest. The stone ax can be crafted in the crafting menu.

How to Build a House

Each part of the house is built out of logs, sticks, and straw. Go around and gather as many of these from the trees around as quickly as you can. You will need to use these components to build the house wall by wall. Once you have the resources you need, it’s time to place the structure. You will need to hit the segment you want to build with the hammer by clicking the left mouse button, The UI should update as long as you have he required materials. These are going to be very heavy and rather slow going, as the logs can be quite heavy and you’re going to need a lot of them.

You will need six logs just to place the main structure of the house, and that’s just the frame. You will want to equip your hammer to your hotbar to make the process faster. Once you have those basic elements, open the crafting selections with Q, then select the Build option, and then choose the House. You can rotate the outline with Q and E to make sure you get it where you want it. Just find the right spot that you want to place your dwelling and get going.

What Can You Do?

A house is mostly useful as a base of operations. You can use it to cook and do some other stuff. The house in the game is also impacted by your skill. Don’t worry, it won’t blow over in the wind or anything, but the better your skills, the more options you have while crafting.

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You will also want to build some other infrastructure to make your stay easier. The segments of the house in Medieval Dynasty each have their own furnishings and useful mechanics. You can sleep through the night safely, and you will also be able to cook and craft with the included Cauldron. There is one downside though that the static location of the house means you can’t always get back before nightfall.

You also won’t be able to cheese the system by building inside the village or in certain restricted areas.When you’re placing the house frame, look for the outline to turn green, that’s a valid build location.

That’s where the campfire comes in. You need to build one to sleep if you’re not in the house.

To build a campfire, hit the Q button to bring up the crafting wheel. Now, select the “Other” section and then select the “Campfire” option. You will only have the Simple Campfire as an option when you start, and you will need 16 Sticks to build it. Look at the campfire and hit E to light it with your torch, then hold E to bring up the sleep option.
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