How to fertilize fields in Farming Simulator 22

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The latest installment of the farming simulation video game series from Giants Software, Farming Simulator 22, is exploding in popularity. The new iteration of the classic farming franchise has already cracked 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, and shows no signs of slowing. A big portion of the community just likes growing digital crops. That’s a big ask, a lot more intense than it sounds.

In a digital farming sim, one of the more important parts is having a fertile growing medium. Agriculture lives and dies by the nutrition of the soil you’re growing in. This takes proper planning and management in the real world, and is much easier in video games. The process of going about fertilizing fields in this farming sim is much easier. You also don’t have to worry about chemical waste, so it’s much less dangerous. Here’s how to fertilize fields in Farming Simulator 22.

How to fertilize fields in Farming Simulator 22

The first thing to do is getting the proper tools. You need a sprayer to hook up to your tractor to be able to spray the liquid nutrients on your plants and soil. Before relaxing, you want to get your hands on a sprayer from the equipment dealer. This big contraption also requires a weight on the front of the tractor to keep it upright. Make sure to buy both. You will want to be ready to spray fertilizer on your sewn seed when you plant it, not before. The nutes are meant to feed the growing plants, so spray them on at the right times.

Natural fertilizers come from your animals. Pigs and cows produce manure, which can be used as fertilizer, although this requires a pigsty and a spreading machine or slurry tanks. This upfront cost makes it a big problem for new players. Liquid fertilizers are bought in the store as a Big bag and spread them on the field with your fertilizer sprayer.

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Fertilizer should be applied at least twice, after cultivation and before planting, but can be done once if needed. However, you have to repeat these steps after each harvest since fertilization returns to its initial state after each harvest.

Fill and Spray

Once you have both the sprayer and the weight, hook them up to your largest tractor. Now that everything is hooked up, you’re ready to buy the nutrients themselves. There are various types of fertilizer that you can put in your sprayer, such as solid, liquid, and manure.  Head to the store and check out the options you have. Purchase the one you want to use and it will show up outside the store.  Bring a trailer and truck to cart it back to your farm.

Once you have the boxes of nutrients back at your farm, bring your sprayer over to load it up. The sprayer should automatically grab the fertilizer once you move it over to the boxes. The spreader should grab the fertilizer immediately and let you use it from there. Drive the filled sprayer over to the field and lower the sprayer. Driving it over the plant rows should apply it. You will notice a meter filling up, telling you how much fertilizer you have sprayed.

So that’s how you fertilize fields in Farming Simulator 22.

And if you want more items to grow or drive, this game has you covered. There are tons of FS22 mods you can install to add new stuff to the game.

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