Where to get Dark Ether Cane in Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy patch notes for Destiny 2 update 2.8.0

The Dawning is back in Destiny 2, which means it is time to bury every NPC in the game under a candy mountain. And you don’t have a magical unicorn to help you out. The Dawning 2021 recipes are very similar to previous runs of the event. Each of the Dawning 2021 recipes must be taken to the correct NPC to complete the quest. The process involves taking down a specific enemy type, or taking them out with a certain weapon. We’ve got another item that drops from a certain enemy type, the Dark Ether Cane.

Where to get Dark Ether Cane in Destiny 2

One of the core ingredients for several recipes is Dark Ether Cane, and you can only obtain it from beating Scorn enemies. The Scorn can be found all over the Dreaming City, as well as other areas of the game. They can be found in Public Events in Tangled Shore. Head right to the Thieves’ Landing spot to hit up Public Events to farm Scorn for Dark Ether Cane in Destiny 2.

If you can’t get in there, The Hollowed Lair Strike is another mission in the same zone worth trying. And if you want another option, some Gambit missions have them too.

Once you have the Dark Ether Cane, it’s time to get baking. Head back to the Holiday Oven and craft the recipes you’re after with the Dawning 2021 ingredients you were able to get. Take another name off of Eva’s list and move on. Starwort Things are combined with Dark Frosting to make Starwort things. Take those to Ada-1 the Exo Stranger on Europa.  Candy Dead Ghosts are for the Spider. Bittersweet biscotti is for Crow. And finally, take the Ill-Fortunte Cookies to Petra Venj.

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