The Confessor, The First of the new Tech 3 destroyers


A few weeks ago, during the Coming to EVE Online dev blog, CCP Games announced the introduction of Tech 3 Destroyers:

The Confessor – Amarr Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer

The Confessor is the first of four all new Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers with the ability to shift between defensive, speed and sniper modes that confer different sets of bonuses. Due to the efforts of Honorary Fabricator-General Ascentior and other devoted capsuleers, the Amarr Empire was the first to complete the research race to build this new kind of ship. The other 3 tactical destroyers will follow in upcoming releases. Read more about this new ship in an upcoming dev blog.

Today, we get to take a peek at the Confessor’s stats which are currently available in the Sisi build:


Watch it in action

AkrasjelLanate, one of the most prolific EVE’s early feature youtubers broke the video just a few hours ago:

So, what do you think of the ship and what kind of roles do you feel this ship would fill in this brave new EVE we are witnessing.

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