Where to find Pallas Siegebreaker in Destiny 2

Where to find Pallas Siegebreaker in Destiny 2

The Pallas Siegebreaker in Destiny 2 is a new bounty target that players seem to be having trouble finding. The bounty system in the game changes from time to time, issuing new targets for players to take down. With this particular bounty, players need to set the event to Heroic mode and can kill the Siegebreaker.

Keep in mind that the entire party needs to be set to Heroic difficulty to complete the bounty. And since the Pallas Siegebreaker in Destiny 2 is kind of a tough fight, it’s good manners to get the OK from everyone to make sure they can handle the higher difficulty of Heroic.

This particular enemy is part of the Cryopod Public Event. Said event involves taking on several waves of different enemies. Contained within the Cryopod itself is the Pallas Siegebreaker, and yes he is the boss of this particular mission. The fight itself has multiple phases, so you need to be aware of how to beat the boss to complete the bounty.

To start the process, head to Tangled Shore after meeting up with Spider and collecting the mission for the Cryopod. From here, you will want to head to the Public Event that spawns right by Spider’s Lair, this seems to be the common spawn point for the Pallas Siegebreaker.

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The first phase of the fight involves taking on waves of spawned enemies. After that, Siegebreaker will burst forth from the Cryopod, whittle away his health. At around 70% health, Siegebreaker will begin raging and enter phase 2.

After this shoot the leaking vents on the side of the Cryopod to expose the orbs. These orbs should be tossed back at Siegebreaker which will then reset his invulnerable state. Repeat this second phase one more time to freeze the boss in place.

Once you have frozen him, another series of waves of enemies will begin attacking him attempting to unfreeze him. To complete the bounty, you need to defend the area and keep the boss pinned down for a certain amount of time. After this timer expires, the bounty will complete and the Pallas Siegebreaker in Destiny 2 is off to space jail.

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