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April 2020 Xbox Game Pass headed by Overcooked 2

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced the next set of games that will be added to their premier on-demand games service for Xbox One and PC. Xbox Game Pass will be getting a handful of new games from a variety of genres as the gaming scene seems to be run into a standstill. Xbox Game Pass and services like it that offer digital delivery of hundreds of great games have been really useful amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft has been steadily expanding offerings on Xbox Game Pass in 2020, adding dozens of new games, and now we’re set to get some more.

The big headline title in April 2020 is Overcooked 2, bringing a new level of cooking chaos to the Onion Kingdom. Overcooked 2 offers players the chance to cook complex dishes to serve hungry patrons, but with a major twist. Across each level, teams of chefs have to navigate a bunch of overly complex mechanics to cook said dishes. From having to fire people out of a cannon to serve dishes, things only get rather weird from there.

Aside from that, we get into some rather niche titles, but ones that are just as fun for the right audience, led by games like Football Manager 2020. The game offers fans of football, that’s soccer to you Americans, a chance to take their favorite teams and run them through the various leagues and games of the world, all with the goal of building a world-class team. If you’re a football fan, this might be your dream game.

Other indie titles like Alvastia Chronicles and Mistove bring their own unique spins on the RPG genres. Both have turn-based action and unique art styles to boot. Alvastia Chronicles is a fair bit more lighthearted being a much more traditional JRPG.

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Stranger Things 3: The Game rounds out the offerings. The official companion to season 3 of the Netflix series, this title will let you relive events from the show in pixellated goodness.

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